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Summer workshops are currently in session - stay tuned for Fall Artist's Way Workshops starting in September. Join my mailing list to stay notified for registration & snag your spot!



Register now to join a summer 2024 online workshop series, exploring The Artist's Way through a trauma-informed perspective. Over 13 weeks, we will delve into the creative process, uncovering barriers that hinder artistic expression. This series will have two groups**, one meeting weekly on Saturday mornings, 11am-12pm EST, and one meeting weekly on Monday evenings (6:30pm-7:30pm EST) from April 13th/15th to July 13th/15th (skipping memorial day weekend May 25th/27th), facilitated by Rye Webber, MMT.

This online series offers a safe space to share your struggles, brainstorm ideas, and receive valuable feedback. As a music psychotherapist and creative coach with a master's degree in music therapy, Rye deeply understands the frustrations and inner-roadblocks that can hinder creativity. In this group, they will offer support to help you find solutions and motivate your Inner Artist Self. Whether you're a writer, musician, dancer, visual artist, comedian, filmmaker, performer, or a person wanting to get in touch with their creative side, this group is here to help you connect with fellow artists facing creative challenges, as well as provide support and inspiration.

Using Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" as the series guide from a trauma-informed and critical lens, we will use the book's framework for our prompts and reflections while exploring the ways in which the book is problematic, offensive, and at times - oppressive. We'll explore various techniques, exercises, and mindset shifts to help reignite your artistic spark and address what may not be serving you creatively, while acknowledging the issues of the book and its limited perspective.


Don't let artist block hold you back - and don't feel like you have to face it alone. Join this supportive group and connect deeper with your creativity and the art of creative living. Register now to reserve your spot! Only 12 spots available per group.


"Rye creates an inclusive, gentle, and nurturing creative environment I would recommend to anyone.  They are an exemplary caregiver to the inner artist children we all carry, and is a steadfast source of support.  They have helped me recognize my own needs, desires, and boundaries as both an artist and a human being.  Rye is an excellent trauma-informed coach that helps facilitate growth—but never at all costs."


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